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At David Stanford, M.D.’s medical clinic, we offer exceptional Family Medicine services in Menifee, CA. Our compassionate, trustworthy, and knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing comprehensive care with collaborative strategies for optimal family wellness. Our patient-first approach ensures quality care, delivering clinical excellence in a wide range of preventive health areas. Trust us for reliable, high-quality medical services prioritizing your family’s health and well-being.

Patient Reviews for David Stanford, M.D.

Camille Carter
Camille Carter
February 23, 2023
So I just moved to Menifee and was in-need of a doctor and I’m not sure how I found Dr. Stanford but he is the most thorough doctor I’ve ever done a physical with! He did everything I expected and some. This is what I imagined when I think of a good doctor. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in the menifee, murrieta area!
Ruby Mejia
Ruby Mejia
September 14, 2022
So far I’m having a wonderful experience with the Dr and nurses however, the front desk lady?? no comments.
Brent Pepper
Brent Pepper
May 28, 2022
Very caring Dr staff is great could not be happier thank you too you all
ramiro rosales
ramiro rosales
September 13, 2021
5 stars because its made up of a great team starting with Monica at the front desk who is very attentive and empathetic has helped us thru appointments /procedures/prescriptions (list goes on!). Nursing team is professional and knowledgeable. Dr Stanford is a phenomenal doctor who takes the time to break things down so i can understand. Wish i could give it more stars!
Amira Chiffer
Amira Chiffer
August 30, 2021
I'm so grateful for Dr. Stanford services and his staff, is really the best doctor in town, very caring and helpful and to Monica Aguilera (Dr.'s employee) for referring me to the doctor, I will forever be thankful and appreciated for the doctors services like no other doctor I been to, I highly recommend him.
Ryan Kolster
Ryan Kolster
November 29, 2020
Went to Dr. Stanford for his weight loss clinic. I'm down over 45lbs! His staff is always smiling and happy, and always commented on the success I was having with my weight loss as soon as I got to his receptionist. I'm so grateful to him and his staff for helping me achieve something I've struggled with for years.
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Choose Compassionate Family Medicine with David Stanford, M.D.’s medical clinic in Menifee, CA

You’re seeking a healthcare provider who embodies compassion in their family medicine practice. You’ve found it here with David Stanford, M.D.’s medical clinic. Situated in the heart of Menifee, CA, our clinic is committed to providing preventive health for family wellness.

Here, you’ll discover an environment where every staff member is dedicated to making you feel comfortable and understood. Our core value of compassion drives our approach. This means we don’t just focus on your symptoms; we’re concerned about your overall well-being and strive to ensure you receive personalized care. We offer:

  • Comprehensive annual physical exams
  • Vaccination and immunization services
  • Chronic disease management
  • Health education and preventive counseling
  • Pediatric care


We believe in partnering with you for your health journey. Trust that our team will take the time to listen to your concerns, understand your needs, and work together with you to develop a comprehensive healthcare plan. Lean on us for compassionate family medicine right here in Menifee, CA.

In summary, choosing David Stanford, M.D. for your Family Medicine needs means you can expect:

  • Patient-First Approach for Supreme Care
  • Clinical Excellence in Menifee Delivered
  • Promoting Family Wellness Preventively
  • Trustworthy Medical Service with Compassion
  • Collaborative Strategies for Comprehensive Care

Why Us?

If you’re looking for quality family medicine with a patient-first approach, then David Stanford, M.D.’s medical clinic is your best choice in Menifee, CA. You’ll appreciate the compassionate and trustworthy medical service our knowledgeable staff provides. We’re dedicated to delivering clinical excellence and we prioritize preventive health for your family’s wellness. With our comprehensive care and collaborative strategies, you’re guaranteed to receive the best possible healthcare experience. Choose us for your family medicine needs because we value your health and well-being.


Highly-qualified professionals offering exceptional personalized healthcare and comprehensive medical services


We use cutting-edge technology to deliver the best possible healthcare and comprehensive medical services


Tailored healthcare with a patient-centered approach, prioritizing your unique needs for personalized, comprehensive medical attention.


Your satisfaction is our priority. Expect top-notch, personalized care from our committed primary providers for guaranteed satisfaction.

Understanding Your Family's Healthcare Needs in Family Medicine

You’re constantly thinking about your family’s well-being, aren’t you? That’s where family medicine comes into play. It’s an all-inclusive specialty that provides comprehensive health care for people of all ages, genders, and diseases. Think of it as your one-stop shop for primary care. From your toddler’s ear infection to your teenager’s acne woes, from your spouse’s hypertension to your parent’s diabetes management – family medicine has got it covered.

Imagine the convenience of having a single doctor who knows you and your family inside out. They’re familiar with your medical histories, environments, and genetic traits in your family. This knowledge allows them to diagnose health problems more accurately and quickly. They can spot patterns that might be missed by doctors who don’t have that whole-family perspective.

Moreover, family physicians are skilled in several areas of medicine, including pediatrics, geriatrics, internal medicine, psychiatry, and obstetrics. It means they’re equipped to handle a broad range of healthcare needs – routine check-ups, preventive care, chronic disease management, or mental health support. With their holistic approach to care, they don’t just treat a set of symptoms; they look at your overall health status. So let’s put it this way – if healthcare were a jigsaw puzzle, family medicine would be the piece that ties everything together.

Your Health, Our Mission

 It’s time to take control of your health with David Stanford, M.D.’s medical clinic. Our team is ready to provide you with top-notch care.

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Why is Family Medicine Crucial to Your Overall Health?

Family medicine is pivotal in healthcare, but have you ever thought about why it’s so important? It’s more than just getting your annual check-up or rushing to the doctor when you’re not feeling well.

Family medicine is the backbone of a healthy lifestyle. It’s about maintaining your health, not just treating illness. Your family doctor knows your history, understands your lifestyle, and works with you to keep you in the best possible health. They’re your wellness and prevention partner, making a world of difference.

  • Family doctors manage chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease
  • They provide preventive care, including screenings and vaccinations
  • They guide you through life stages, such as pregnancy, menopause, or elder care


So, don’t underestimate the power of family medicine. It’s an essential part of your health journey and can make all the difference in leading a long, happy life.

Patient Testimonials

At Dr. Stanford’s medical office, we take pride in the positive feedback we receive from our clients. We invite you to read what our satisfied clients have to say about their experiences working with us.

Dr. Stanford’s expertise and compassionate care make him a standout primary care provider. His ability to address my health concerns and provide clear explanations ensures I feel supported.

– Lorena Higgins

Menifee, CA


David’s patient-centered approach resonates with me. He takes the time to understand my needs and collaborates with me to create a health plan that suits my individual requirements.

– Matt Lawson

Temecula, CA


I appreciate Dr. Stanford’s holistic approach to healthcare. His commitment to preventive measures and his dedication to helping me achieve optimal well-being are truly valued.

– Dorian Matulevich

Menifee, CA

Experience Comprehensive, Continuous Healthcare with Our Family Medicine Services

David Stanford, M.D. believes your health is not just about treating a symptom or a disease. It’s about comprehensive care that considers your overall well-being. And that’s exactly what you get with our Family Medicine services.

We understand that every individual and family has unique health needs. That’s why our experienced medical practitioners offer a wide spectrum of services. From routine check-ups to managing chronic conditions, from newborn care to senior health – we’ve got you covered. We emphasize building long-term relationships with our patients because we know there’s more to healthcare than just clinical visits and prescriptions.

  • A Long-Term Health Partner: We’re not just your doctors but partners in your health journey who are always there for you.
  • Caring for All Ages: Whether for your newborn or your grandparents, you can trust us to provide the best care possible.
  • Comprehensive Care: Our wide range of services means we can care for all your health needs under one roof.


So why choose anything less than comprehensive? With our Family Medicine services at David Stanford, M.D.’s medical clinic, you’re selecting a healthcare solution that respects and understands the complexity of your health needs.

Your Health, Our Mission

 It’s time to take control of your health with David Stanford, M.D.’s medical clinic. Our team is ready to provide you with top-notch care.

Don’t wait. Book your appointment today.

How Can We Help?

At David Stanford, M.D.’s medical clinic, you’re not just another patient. You’re part of our family. We understand that you need a knowledgeable, compassionate, and trustworthy doctor. That’s why we specialize in Family Medicine, providing comprehensive health care for you and your loved ones, regardless of age or illness. We’re committed to maintaining the well-being of your entire family, offering preventative care, diagnosing and treating common ailments, and managing chronic diseases. With us, you’re in reliable hands that you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect a wide range of services such as preventive health checkups, routine physicals, immunizations, and screenings. We also manage chronic diseases and provide guidance on lifestyle changes to promote wellness.

Absolutely; our clinic specializes in family medicine, meaning we’re equipped to handle healthcare needs for all your family members, regardless of their age.

 Yes! One of our core values is compassion. We take a patient-first approach, ensuring you and your family always receive the highest standard of care in a supportive, understanding environment.

Definitely! Trustworthiness is one of our core values. We’re committed to providing knowledgeable, accurate, and trustworthy medical advice tailored to your health needs.

At David Stanford, M.D.’s medical clinic, prevention is vital to maintaining long-term health. We offer preventive health strategies such as regular check-ups, screenings, and immunizations to help keep you and your family healthy.